About Us


Rocket Air Labs traces its roots back to Illinois Power's Clinton Power Plant. In 1995, after having used the industry's leading air test kit for many years, frustration with it grew. That frustration resulted in a decision to task a small group of their physicists, chemists, and other personnel with the job of developing a faster, simpler, and less expensive approach to testing their compressed breathing air. Used only in-house at first, two of the original group members eventually brought this proprietary technology to the rest of the breathing air industry through the startup of an external, independent, accredited lab. Some of the companies since served are well-known.

Present Day

Now called Rocket Air Labs, we are currently located about an hour southwest of Chicago and have over 15 years of experience in the industry. We are proud to offer the revolutionary Rocket-Air test kit. And proud to be a part of helping keep all breathable air safe.

With lives at risk, we take our mission very seriously. The dedication and talent of our engineering team and technical staff is unmatched. We also provide customer service that is highly responsive and devoted to you. They never stop looking for ways to make meaningful improvement. And we never compromise - using the highest quality parts, scientific accuracy, and excellence in everything we do.

How It Works

Every test kit undergoes rigorous quality control inspections before being placed in stock. After a test kit is ordered, the order is filled the same day it is received. Each kit comes with instructions, a shipping tube, and a pre-paid reply label for return shipping. After the kit is received, an air sample is collected by the customer, and a customer sample sheet filled out. The sample is returned to our lab and analyzed to the requested standard. Results are then emailed, faxed, or mailed within 24 hours.

Our Pledge

We promise to provide the industry's best test kit and service at the best price. We promise to listen to your needs, resolve all problems quickly, and honor all our commitments.


We are here for you. Please don't hesitate to contact us.
Email: email@rocketairlabs.com
Phone: (800) 830-4064
Fax: (800) 830-4036
Address: P.O. Box 768, Toluca, IL 61369

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