Becoming A Distributor

Are you sure you are offering your customers the best breathing air test kit on the market?

With our unique flow-through design, three-in-one testing, patented sealing technology, and six easy steps, your customers will save time and get the best breathing air test kit on the market.

Coming up with a design strong enough to cope with air at high pressure, yet remain sensitive enough to allow the detection of trace contaminants is difficult enough. Most would stop there. We didn't. We then worked even harder to become the lowest-cost provider in the breathing air industry, without sacrificing quality.

What this means for high-volume distributors (50 units/year or more) is the opportunity to work with Rocket Air Labs.

Whether as a reseller of our products, field service provider using our products, or an end user requiring a large amount of compressed air testing, we can help maximize the customer value you provide your compressed air customers. Or save you money, if you are an end user. A few of the companies who have worked with us before are very well-known.

We specialize in compressed air testing, we are passionate about our mission, and we are proud of being part of an industry helping to keep people safe.

We would like you to be a distributor. To learn more about this opportunity and our distributor rates, contact us at (800) 830-4064 or email@rocketairlabs.com.

Our Pledge

We promise to provide the industry's best test kit and service at the best price. We promise to listen to your needs, resolve all problems quickly, and honor all our commitments.


We are here for you. Please don't hesitate to contact us.
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