Our Analytical Lab

We have our own dedicated lab for analyzing all the compressed air samples collected with our proprietary test kits. Some well-known companies have come to rely on our lab.

Our national, independent lab has a technical staff devoted to providing the highest possible quality, scientific accuracy, and excellence. Our test process has been certified by the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation and we maintain all applicable NIST-traceable standards. We also proudly participate in the University of Washington's annual compressed air lab proficiency program.

Our lab uses state of the art equipment such as PerkinElmer gas chromatographs for measuring levels of each gas, RKI Eagle solid state detectors for quick portable gas level detection, Vapor Pro and Kahn Instruments dew point meters for moisture analysis, and Denver Instrument analytical balances for gravimetric analysis of particulate mass. We are able to certify your compressed air to the following standards: CGA Grade D, E, L, and N, NFPA 1989, OSHA 1910.134, NAVSEA, PADI, and USP.

For your convenience all testing is pre-paid, included in the purchase price of a test kit. There is no time limit for using your kit. With a few on hand, sample your air when you are ready, return the sample to the lab using the postage-paid reply label included, and results will be faxed or emailed within 24 hours of receipt.

Need your results even faster? With one of our test kits already on hand, pull a sample and ship overnight. We will rush your analysis so you can get results within 24 hours of pulling the sample!

At no additional charge. We are simply glad to be there for you when you need it.

Our Pledge

We promise to provide the industry's best test kit and service at the best price. We promise to listen to your needs, resolve all problems quickly, and honor all our commitments.


We are here for you. Please don't hesitate to contact us.
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