Terms Of Service

Any order for purchase of product from Rocket Air Labs, LLC ("RAL") is subject to the terms and conditions herein, or as provided for by mutual written agreement. The terms and conditions herein precede any other, even those of the Customer, unless agreed to in writing by an officer of Rocket Air Labs. RAL hereby notifies the Customer that any other terms and conditions are rejected, and that the act of delivering goods to Customer does not mean the acceptance of any other terms and conditions by RAL.

These terms and conditions shall be governed by the laws of the State of Illinois. Any action arising from these terms and conditions shall be heard only in a court of Illinois or in the United States District Court, Central District of Illinois.

Any quotation of prices shall expire ninety (90) days after the printed date on the quote. All prices are based on F.O.B. being the Customer's receiving facility. RAL reserves the right to correct any clerical errors on any quote, acknowledgement, invoice, or receipt. We also reserve the right to change features, materials, processes, tests, and other specifications at any time, which are necessary for maintaining continuous improvement in product and process. Customer understands that carrier insurance is not normally applied for and not included in any prices. Risk of loss passes to Customer upon the earlier of delivery, or placement with a reliable carrier. Customer may elect carrier insurance for face value of their order at their expense, but must notify RAL when placing order.

All payments shall be made in U.S. currency. Payment terms are immediate, unless another arrangement has been made with RAL. The payment term for existing customers in good standing is Net 30. Should any Customer not pay any amount when due, a finance charge of 1% per month on the balance shall be charged. A fee of $25 shall be assessed for any dishonored check, independent of any NSF fee assessed by another entity. Customer shall be responsible for any collection costs incurred by RAL, including any attorney fees and court costs.

Rocket Air Labs cares deeply about customer satisfaction, but all dates given for order processing and shipping of goods are by nature approximate. RAL cannot be responsible for any delay in, or failure to complete the delivery of, the Customer's order which is caused by an event beyond RAL's control. The Customer's sole remedy in that case shall be a cancellation of their order, and a full refund of any payment made for such an order.

Customer has an obligation to inspect the goods, and ascertain their fitness for the Customer's application prior to use. Customer's receipt and possession of the goods constitutes acceptance of goods, unless the Customer has not used the goods, and notified RAL in writing within five (5) business days of delivery.

Orders may be cancelled prior to shipping. To cancel an order, the Customer must call RAL immediately, so that the order is not shipped and any credit card transaction made can be reversed. After shipment, orders are not subject to cancellation or modification, in whole or in part, and a return must be completed following the return policy described below.

Any product found to be defective may be returned at any time. Rocket Air Labs will cover the cost of return shipping using a carrier of RAL's choice, and no additional fees will be charged. RAL will also send new free replacement product immediately, upon receipt of the defective product. For RAL to cover the cost of return shipping, the Customer must contact RAL for shipping instructions. Any non-defective product may be returned for any reason within six (6) months, provided the Customer contacts Rocket Air Labs prior to return for a Returned Product Number (RPN) and any shipping instructions. The Customer must cover the cost of return shipping and pay a nominal restocking fee, which shall be $25 for 5 to 24 test kits and $50 for 25 or more.

The goods and services covered under these terms and conditions are warranted to be free from defects in workmanship and materials for the service life of the product, during which time RAL shall replace any defective goods according to the Return Policy above. This warranty shall not apply to any goods which have been tampered with, disassembled, misused, improperly handled, damaged, or altered in any way. THIS WARRANTY IS IN LIEU OF ALL OTHER WARRANTIES OF FITNESS OR OF MERCHANTABILITY. CUSTOMER AFFIRMS THEY ARE RELYING ON THEIR OWN JUDGEMENT FOR THE SUITABILITY OF THE GOODS AND SERVICES COVERED IN THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS TO THEIR APPLICATION. Rocket Air Labs may not be bound by any affirmation, representation, or warranty concerning the goods and services sold by our Company, except as stated herein, or made in writing by an officer of Rocket Air Labs, LLC. The Customer's sole remedies in the event of a breach in this warranty shall be limited to replacement of the defective goods, or a refund of the full purchase price of the defective goods, at RAL's choice. In no event shall RAL be liable for any sum greater than the original purchase price.

Rocket Air Labs takes privacy and the safeguarding of personal data very seriously. RAL constantly works to maintain the highest levels of privacy protection possible. The Customer is encouraged to read our Privacy Policy, and any order for purchase of product implies its acceptance. The Customer understands that electronic commerce is a complicated process involving many different technologies, security measures, and third-party providers, and that it is impossible to eliminate all risk. RAL agrees to set up and maintain the highest-security e-commerce framework possible typical to the trade engaged in. Customer agrees to hold RAL harmless of any security breach beyond our control, as well as of any liabilities and expenses which might occur as a result.

Our Pledge

We promise to provide the industry's best test kit and service at the best price. We promise to listen to your needs, resolve all problems quickly, and honor all our commitments.


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